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Terms & Conditions

This agreement is made between The Parish Of Choppington and the Hirer.

The person named in the Hiring Agreement shall be responsible for ensuring that the following conditions of hire for any of the Parish of Choppington Halls, Rooms and facilities.

The Hirer will enter into a Hiring Agreement with The Parish of Choppington PCC (The PCC)

The PCC regards the safe care and protection of children and vulnerable adults as of the utmost importance. Groups that hire or use Church premises are expected to share this concern and make appropriate provision for the protection of children and vulnerable adults within their care. Please refer to the Safeguarding Appendix of this document for further details.

The Hirer agrees:

Your Booking

1. That a booking is not confirmed until a completed Room Hire Agreement and Declaration has been received.

2. To pay the full amount of fees due in a timely manner.

3. That no tenancy is intended to be created between The PCC and the Hirer and no relationship of landlord and tenant exists between them.

4. That parking availability cannot be guaranteed with this hire agreement. Users must park in a considerate manner to our neighbours.

5. That it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ask those attending their events to observe the parking guidelines and to ask them to move their vehicle if incorrectly parked.

6. That all Hirers for any activities read, agree and adhere to the provisions set out in the Safeguarding Appendix for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, and return the signed Safeguarding Declaration before the activity commences.

7. That the venue must only be used for the purpose stated in this Agreement.

Cancellations and Termination

8. That the Hirer may end this agreement with 21 days’ notice and without further charge (regular bookings only).

9. That Hirer may cancel a single booked session with 7 days’ notice and without charge

This agreement is made between The PCC and the Hirer.

Preparing for your Event

10. To abide by all relevant legislation, regulation and Government guidelines regarding health and safety, hygiene or infection control requirements, and to obtain local authority or other licenses as necessary. Food preparation must follow the Food

Hygiene Regulations.

11. To be responsible for obtaining adequate Public Liability Insurance against any third party claims. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for all costs to and claims against The Parish Of Choppington arising from injuries to any person using the premises during the period of Hire, except such as may be caused by the negligence of The PCC. If any such injury does occur, the Hirer must inform The PCC of the details.

12. That for any Hires involving children, young people or vulnerable adults, their organisation has, and abides by, a suitable Safeguarding Policy and that any staff and volunteers have current DBS certificates.

13. To carry out a risk assessment of their activities and act on findings to mitigate any risk.

On The Day

14. To, during the Hire period, be responsible for supervision and security of the premises and protection of the fabric and contents from damage.

15. To ensure that The PCC and staff have access to all areas hired during the period of hire.

16. To adhere to the times contained within this agreement. Setting up should not start before the agreed start time and the building must be vacated by the agreed finish time.

17. That no signs, notices, posters, banners or flags are to be displayed on the inside or outside of the building.

18. To ensure that nothing is to be affixed to the fabric of the building, whether with nails, screws, velcro, blu–tac or anything else, accept by prior agreement from The PCC.

19. To ensure that smoking is strictly prohibited everywhere on the premises.

20. To ensure that the consumption, sale or provision of alcohol on the premises during the Hire is prohibited (unless by express permission in writing obtained in advance).

21. To ensure that the fire apparatus of the premises are not interfered with in any way and that all emergency exits are not obstructed.

22. In the event of an emergency to ensure that the building is evacuated, the emergency services are called, and only to consider fighting any fire if you are trained and it is safe to do so.

23. To keep the amount of noise or other disturbance to an acceptably low level during the period of hire, and also during arrivals and departures so as not to cause nuisance or inconvenience to the neighbouring properties. No music is to be played after 10pm.

24. Not to use food or beverage supplies stored in the kitchen cupboards.

25. That they are solely responsible for the safety of any electrical equipment brought onto the premises.

26. To clear, tidy and clean up after the event both inside the venue, but also outside where any mess may have been caused by the event. The venue must be left in the orderly condition as it was found, with any furniture returned to its storage position.

27. To turn off all lights and taps before departure, close all windows and to securely lock the premises.

28. To look after the keys issued and to return the keys as agreed. If keys are lost or stolen, this must be reported to OPC as soon as possible and within 24 hours. The Hirer will need to pay for any replacement keys. Arrangements for access and the issue of keys must be agreed with the Bookings Administrator in advance of the first meeting. Any access issues contact Evelyn Wilson 01670 813989

29. To dispose of all rubbish in the correct bins.

30. The PCC welcomes people of all faiths and none. However, these buildings are places of Christian worship, and even though you may not share our beliefs, we ask that you are respectful of this fact in your use of the premises. It is for this reason that certain activities will not be allowed. Activities and events must be only those associated with the purpose notified in the section ‘Hire Details’ above.

31. Not to permit unseemly behaviour that would be damaging to the mission or witness of The Parish of Choppington, or containing material or language abusive in general to others, or that is blasphemous or idolatrous and do nothing in or near or in relation to Church that is calculated to, or does, bring the name of the Church into disrepute.


32. To report any damage to the venue or use of the first aid kit within 24 hours of the end of the Hire period to sec.pcc.choppington@outlook.com and to the Lettings Administrator – Evelyn Wilson 01670 813989

33. Should any accident or injury occur in or around the building during the Hire period the Hirer must inform The PCC of the details within 24 hours.

34. To compensate OPC for any damage or theft caused to the building, or to any fixtures, fittings or appliances belonging to OPC during the period of hire or as a result of any breach of this agreement.

35. That the PCC will not be responsible or liable for any damage to, or loss of property brought onto, or left on the premises by the Hirer or any other person.

36. To pay their fees within 2 weeks of the invoice date for regular bookings and in advance of the hire for one-off bookings. 

The PCC agrees:

37. To provide the room booked for the Hirer’s use, together with the furniture and equipment in it, in good repair and in a safe, clean and tidy condition.

38. That a properly-stocked first aid kit and accident report log, is kept.

39. That we do not accept liability for theft, loss or damage for articles, clothing, equipment etc. left in the building or its grounds.

40. To invoice as agreed (regular bookings only).

41. To give 3 months’ notice of changes to hire costs or terms and conditions (regular bookings only).

The PCC reserves the right to:

Cancellations and termination

42. Cancel any booking if there is misstatement or material omission by the Hirer in connection with the hire booking form, particularly relating to the purpose of hire.

43. Cancel any booked session due to exceptional unforeseen circumstances, or emergency, and to do so without notice and no compensation will be given.

44. Cancel with 14 days’ notice any booked session or sessions in order to carry out maintenance in the building or to allow a Church event to take place. No compensation will be given.

45. Terminate this agreement with 3 months’ notice without giving any reason (regular bookings only).

46. Terminate this agreement without notice if the Hirer fails to comply with any of the terms of this agreement (regular bookings only). and in advance of the hire for one-off bookings.

Appendix: Safeguarding Provision for Hire of Church Premises

The Parochial Church Council of The Parish of Choppington (The PCC) has a Policy for Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults. A copy is available on https://www.parishofchoppington.org.uk /safeguarding/. Your booking agreement is conditional upon you being cognisant with it unless you already have an equivalent policy of your own.

You are required to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected at all times, by taking all reasonable steps to prevent injury, illness, loss or damage occurring; and that you carry full liability insurance for this(1)

In particular this means that:

● you will comply with The PCC’s policy and procedures for protecting children and young people or vulnerable adults unless you already have an equivalent;

● you will provide the church with a copy of your organisation’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedures on request;

● for regular events you will recruit safely all current paid and voluntary workers who work with children and/or vulnerable adults, by obtaining satisfactory disclosures from the Disclosure and Barring Service where eligible, and keeping records of dates and disclosure numbers;

● you will keep a list of the names of all paid and voluntary workers with regular and direct contact with children/vulnerable adults, and update it at least annually;

● for one-off events where children and/or vulnerable adults will be present, all leaders organisers and assistants will be known to you and you will make them aware of these guidelines;

(1) Private social events on no more than three occasions per hirer per year, for example hire for a children’s party, are covered through the church’s insurance

● you will always have at least two leaders over the age of 18 years in any group of children and young people, no matter how small the group, and ratios of adults to children should be at a minimum, as set out in Section 11.3 of the Parish Safeguarding Handbook 2018, shown below:

● no person under the age of 18 years will be left in charge of any children or young people of any age;

● no child or group of children or young people should be left unattended at any time;

● a register of children, young people or vulnerable adults attending the activity will be kept securely. This will include details of their name, date of birth, contact details of parent/guardian/carer and/or emergency contact etc.;

● you will immediately (within 24 hours) inform the Parish Safeguarding Officer of:

(a) the occurrence of any incidents or allegations of abuse or causes of concern relating to members or leaders of your organisation – especially if the concerns relate to activities that took place on our premises – and contact details for the person in your organisation who is dealing with it;

(b) any known offenders against children or vulnerable adults seeking to join your membership, and manage such allegations or agreements with offenders in cooperation with statutory agencies, and with the church.

The Parish Safeguarding Officer for The Parish Of Choppington is:

Name: Ann Loudon

● E-mail: pso.pcc.choppington@outlook.com

● Tel. No: 07875 148661